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Real Caring Integrative Therapy

cold-creek-behavioral-health-real-caringCold Creek Behavioral Health uses and recommends Real Caring for integrative health care and addiction treatment. Dr. Nancy foster at Real Caring can test for and treat people who have the MTHFR gene mutation and methylation issues. Real Caring also provides integrative psychiatry and biochemical treatment for addiction treatment. We work in partnership with Real Caring, many of our clients complete our comprehensive evidence based inpatient residential treatment at one of our two Utah locations and then work to resolve genetic health issues and nutritional deficiencies working with Real Caring while living in our sober living apartments and attending our outpatient programs.

Momentum Climbing Gym

cold-creek-behavioral-health-momentum-indoor-climbingCold Creek Behavioral Health uses Momentum Indoor Climbing gym for experiential therapy. Momentum runs five next generation climbing gyms in the Salt Lake City Wasatch Front area. Momentum is known for inspiring wall designs and innovative climber training. Their direct connection to America’s sport climbing roots allows them to communicate climbing to new generations in an authentic way.


cold-creek-behavioral-health-izmIZM supports recovery by providing clothing and apparel to support Cold Creek’s experiential therapy activities. IZM is a local manufacture of clothing satisfying form and function. Their clothing is for individuals that not only enjoy gravity sports, but could not imagine a life without them. Established in 2014 in the Holy Land of Salt Lake City, Utah; IZM recognizes all who appreciate the feelings received while engaged in sports that defy and tease gravity. IZM provides the opportunity to look classier doing what they love.