Sober Living for Recovery & Sobriety in Utah

Sober Living is a home away from home for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Sober Living provides the structure and boundaries necessary to help those in early recovery avoid relapse during the most vulnerable stages of recovery.

By establishing rules and boundaries, while allowing opportunities for independence our Sober Living program helps residents remain sober while gaining autonomy and learning to create a life beyond the addiction. Sober Living also provides a strong sense of community among residents. Time spent in our Sober Living program adds a layer of security to the sobriety you are working toward during drug and alcohol treatment.

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Why do addicts return to drug and alcohol use?
An event that causes a relapse into bad habits is known as a “trigger.” Anything can be a trigger, depending on individual weaknesses. Personal tragedy, stress, peer pressure, convenience, etc., can induce an addict to relapse back into substance and personal abuse. While abusing substances can provide the illusion of “comfort” and “familiarity,” retreating into that bad habit only weakens the will and body. The benefits of overcoming the temptation to relapse far outweigh the momentary pleasure and “comfort” of depending on substances. Below are a few of many compelling reasons to choose healthy and sober living over substance abuse.

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What Happens at Sober Living?

Sober living provides the perfect balance of freedom and structure, for most, this includes having a car, cell phone, computer etc. and the ability to maintain their own schedule. A certain level of freedom is important to allow our clients to build independence and move forward in their recovery. Residents are required to actively participate in some type of recovery program, which could include 12 Steps, AA, or Cold Creeks IOP program. If residents are constantly micromanaged with strict oversight, they will never have the opportunity to encounter real life, as it happens, on a day-to-day basis.

In a sober living home, everyone contributes to the community. For example, chores are divided among residents. To ensure the safety of the residents and the integrity of the facility, the rules and boundaries are strongly enforced. Everyone participates in random drug and breathalyzer tests. If a resident tests positive, then they will probably be asked to leave the program or return to treatment. The clinical director makes this decision on a case by case basis. Smaller infractions may be forgiven, but there is a zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use among sober living residents.


Sober living homes set boundaries that help residents avoid relapse. For example, residents have a nightly curfew, submit to 3X weekly random drug and breathalyzer tests, and meet with a case manager to help track their recovery progress, career, education, and or life goals.


Residents pay their own living expenses including food, rent and personal items. Each person prepares their own meals. This responsibility helps residents regain the confidence and independence that they may have lost due to their addiction.


Living in a supportive, sober community of others who are working dealing with similar struggles creates an environment of mutual support and accountability. Residents develop a social network support and friendship that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Facilities and Amenities

The Sober Living apartments are centrally located in Kaysville and Holladay, Utah. The apartments are located on major routes of public transportation, and near numerous private, public, community and technical colleges. Sober Living in Utah offers many advantages. Utah has a low unemployment rate, and a healthy growing economy which offers a lot of employment opportunities. Utah Sober Living with Cold Creek provides the following benefits:

  1. Gym membership
  2. Filtered wireless Internet
  3. Cable TV
  4. Monthly group outings
  5. Employment counseling
  6. Case management
  7. Aftercare meetings
  8. Close to public transportation, employment and higher education opportunities.
  9. Volleyball Court
  10. Onsite Parking
  11. Nightly reflections groups
  12. Random drug testing and daily breathalyzer

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