Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment

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Evidence Based is Best

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Columbia University the most effective drug abuse programs treat addiction using a variety of evidence based therapies and “address the individual’s drug abuse and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems” at the same time and the same setting. Treating mental health and addiction is know as dual diagnosis. Another element of evidence based treatment is accreditation. National accreditation programs like The Joint Commission ensure that programs meet rigorous standards and ensure facilities provide operational systems critical to the safety and quality of care. Non 12-Step inpatient drug rehabilitation programs that provide comprehensive evidence based treatment have the highest success rates compared with other type of drug rehabilitation programs.

Individualized Treatment

Each person and their circumstances are unique; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating addiction. Cold Creek offers a truly individualized addiction treatment in Utah for each client. The individual treatment plan is developed after clients receive multiple comprehensive assessments that include psychological testing, addiction severity indexing, neuropsychological testing, IQ and reasoning assessments, and a dual-diagnosis assessment. These results determine which therapist and counselor the client will be paired with and direct the scope and duration of treatment.

Limited Enrollment

Individualized treatment is most achievable in smaller facilities that treat 12 clients or less. At Cold Creek, we maintain industry leading staff to clients ratios to ensure plenty of interaction, attention, individual counseling. This way no one gets lost in a crowd. Our clients know there is always someone available to help.

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Intervention is an effective technique families can use to help a loved one suffering from drug abuse, chemical dependency or alcohol addiction. Even though many clients do not require our intervention services, feel secure in knowing this service is available if needed.

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Medical Detoxification

A medical drug and alcohol detox in Utah can be a tremendous help to begin the recovery process because it minimizes the pain and discomfort of withdrawing. Not everyone will require detox services for drug and alcohol abuse.

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Individualized Treatment Plan

Each person and their circumstances are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating addiction. Cold Creek offers a truly individualized addiction treatment in Utah for each client. Our clients know there is always someone available to help.

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Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis describes a condition where one or more psychiatric illness exists simultaneously with a substance abuse disorder. Even though the terms “dual diagnosis” and “co-occurring disorder” are often used interchangeably, a co-occurring disorder is one or more psychiatric condition that may or may not include a chemical dependency or addiction.

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Dual diagnosis describes a condition where one or more psychiatric illness exists simultaneously with a substance abuse disorder. Even though the terms “dual diagnosis” and “co-occurring disorder” are often used interchangeably, a co-occurring disorder is one or more psychiatric condition that may or may not include a chemical dependency or addiction.

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People often deal with distressing and or traumatic memories by repressing them, or avoiding them all together. EMDR helps individuals deal with these “repressed” memories. A full treatment may involve of a handful of sessions or years of therapy.

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Mind Body Bridging

You can physically change and find power over their behaviors to where their past events or addictions no longer become the solution. This therapy is simple, fast and effective and can create an empowered self.

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Adventure-Based Therapy

There are three primary learning styles. Visual (see it), Auditory (hear it), and Kinesthetic (do it). We have found that most of our clients prefer a combination of these learning styles. Experiential or kinesthetic learning methods that focus on movement are some of the most effective ways to learn, develop and grow.

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Equine Therapy

EAP is an experiential therapy where clients learn about themselves by participating in horse activities, primarily groundwork, and evaluating behaviors and emotions elicited throughout the process.

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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a method that works on engaging a client’s basic motivations in order to change behavior. This is a goal-oriented, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence (Miller & Rollnick, 2002).

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Psycho-Educational Intervention

This type of intervention typically involves providing clients with information regarding treatment options, resources, services and symptoms. In addition, providing clients with training regarding self-care, how to respond to disease-related problems; and problem-solving strategies for coping with addiction.

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Serenity Lounge

Serenity BioSound Lounge leverages cutting edge technology and the latest research in holistic addiction treatment methods. The Serenity Biosound Lounge therapy assists clients with managing withdrawal symptoms, pain, and the emotional stigma associated with addiction.

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Breath Work

The Breath Work is a guided breathing and meditation therapy that teaches mindfulness and increases the client’s awareness of their spiritual self. This holistic therapy is based on the principles of Pranic and Shamanic Breathing techniques.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are two dimensions of cognitive behavioral therapy that pertain to substance abuse treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Utah. The first dimension of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on social learning theory.

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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive Addiction treatment means caring for the whole patient and all of his or her needs. This means not only treating the addiction, but addressing any physical, medical and mental health issues too. We do this by utilizing the resources and services of many professionals working together to treat the “whole” person. This comprehensive approach is the most effective way to treat addiction and is only practiced at a handful of addiction treatment centers nationwide.

Our Comprehensive Inpatient Residential Treatment Services Include:

  • Medical & Psychological Evaluations
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Recovery skills classes
  • Family Program
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Equine Therapy
  • Fit2Recover Membership
  • BreathWorks
  • Random drug screens and breathalyzer
  • Comprehensive continuing care plan
  • Lifetime Aftercare Program

After Inpatient Residential Treatment
Following Inpatient Residential Treatment clients graduate into our Intensive Outpatient Program. This is when clients are most vulnerable to relapse. This is when Cold Creek’s continuity of care treatment model really shines. Clients continue to work with the same therapists and staff who know their back ground and vulnerabilities. We continue to provide familial support, medical support, group support, and help build a strong system of personal support to give clients the power to fully recover.

Assessment and Beginning Treatment
Calling to speak with one of our compassionate intake coordinators is the first step to determining if Inpatient Residential Treatment is appropriate for your unique circumstances. They can guide you through verifying insurance coverage and answer any of your drug and alcohol related questions.

Is Residential Treatment Appropriate for your Situation?
Inpatient residential treatment is appropriate for individuals struggling with addiction who have lost the ability to meet their regular obligations to family, their employer, school or the community. Another indication is if someone has made repeated unsuccessful attempts to get sober or relapsed after completing lower levels of care like Day Treatment or Outpatient Treatment Programs. A person who is unable to stop using without experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms should be evaluated for a medically supervised detox and inpatient treatment.

A common cause of relapse is inadequate treatment. Individuals with co-occurring mental heath and substance abuse disorders must receive treatment in a dual diagnosis facility where addiction and mental health disorders are treated at the same time and in the same setting. Treating one or the other, when both exist is a common cause of relapse. Remember, its not about willpower or self control, addiction is a disease and changing years of addiction requires the right type of treatment for the right amount of time. Relapse is not a sign of personal weakness or failure, rather an indication that more treatment at a higher level of care is necessary.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Last?
Inpatient Residential Treatment typically lasts 30 days; however, treatment duration is ultimately based on individual progress and medical necessity. Individuals with a long severe history of addiction, mental health challenges, a history of family instability, legal troubles, and limited employment history or schooling may require more treatment. Treatment duration is determined using evidence based criteria established by  the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and varies according to addiction severity and individual progress during treatment. One of Cold Creek’s greatest strengths is that we keep working with clients long after many facilities give up. We offer a wide range of the most successful therapies and the resources to treat difficult cases.  We successfully treat a lot of clients that were labeled “non-compliant” by other programs.

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Our admission coordinators are always available to help place you or your loved one in the most effective addiction treatment facility possible. They will walk you through the admissions process and review your insurance and verify your benefits.

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Utah Addiction Treatment Programs

Cold Creek offers the most successful therapies recognized by Columbia University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Sober Living

Sober living apartments combine independent living and freedom with strategic accountability and case management to help you safely transition back into everyday life during a time when you are most vulnerable to relapse.

Outpatient Programs

Cold Creek’s progress-based, comprehensive outpatient programs include options for sober living, day treatment, Intensive Outpatient and aftercare.

Day Treatment

Day treatment is the first phase of your outpatient treatment program where you either begin outpatient treatment or continue your recovery plan from residential.

Residential Treatment

In residential treatment, you will receive industry leading individual counseling, medical treatment, medication management and participate in group therapy and psychotherapy classes while enjoying a wide range of experiential therapy activities.