Cold Creek works with many different insurance companies with all different types of policies. Our goal as a highly effective and affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment provider is to make sure that you and your loved one receive the treatment they need. This means we will work with you and help review your insurance policy and find out if it will cover the costs associated with drug rehab.

Check Your Insurance See if we accept your insurance
Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most major private health insurance policies. Many policies cover the entire cost of our addiction treatment program. Even more policies cover most the cost of drug and alcohol rehab after the policy holder pays the co-insurance or deductible. Checking your insurance is an anonymous process that takes about an hour. Neither the policy holder nor your employer are notified when we call your insurance to check your substance abuse benefits. When you call, one of our admissions coordinators will be available to check your coverage. You may also complete the online insurance benefit check from.

What if I don't have insurance?

Here are some of the options to help cover the cost of treatment.

  1. Ask a family member, friend, church or charitable organization for financial help.
  2. Take out a loan against a 401K or other retirement account.
  3. Apply for an addiction treatment loan through a rehab finance company like
  4. Apply for a scholarship from a program like or http://sobrietyfoundation.orgSell an extra vehicle or personal items of value.
When do I need to pay?

Clients with insurance are asked to pay the deductible or co-insurance or set up a payment plan.

Cash pay clients can pay for the entire cost of treatment during the intake process, or make arrangements to pay the 30-day cost of treatment each month.

In some instances, the insurance company may send the policy holder the checks. In these circumstances, the policy holder will be asked to sign documents to send those insurance checks to Cold Creek.

Everyone’s situation is unique, we try to work out flexible solutions that work with your personal circumstances. Call and talk with one of our experienced admissions coordinators who can help you understand all your options.

Still have questions?

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