Female Sober Living

Female only Sober Living provides the structure and boundaries necessary to help those in early recovery avoid relapse during the most vulnerable stages of sobriety. Cold Creek’s sober living apartments maintain a good balance of structure and support while still providing the right amount of freedom and independence. Another benefit, along with the stability of a sober living environment, is enjoying becoming part of a close knit community of sober minded friends.

Cold Creek offers separate male and female sober living apartments. We offer separate Men’s and Women’s sober living apartments in Holladay, UT and Kaysville, UT.


Kaysville Location                 Holladay Location


Sober living is just one part of a comprehensive addiction treatment process. Clients start living in our Sober Living homes in one of two ways. 1. After completing a 30 to 90 days of Inpatient Residential Treatment clients transition into our Day Treatment program. If they don’t have safe and supportive living arrangements then they also live in our Sober Living Apartments. me while receiving therapy and intensive addiction treatment clients transition  most clients transition into our Day Treatment Program. When clients first start sober living they are simultaneously attending either our Day Treatment Program – PHP program or Intensive Outpatient – IOP program.  Day treatment typically lasts for two to four weeks, but could last longer depending on the their progress. After day treatment clients transition into the intensive outpatient program. The intensive outpatient program typically lasts ninety days, but could last longer depending on the their progress.


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