Drug Rehab Process

Cold Creek uses a process that is recognized and recommended by Columbia University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Non 12-Step Program

Cold Creek is one of the only limited enrollment, non 12-step programs in the nation. Non 12-step means we use the most successful, evidence based therapies and modalities to identify and treat the core issues driving your addiction. Most often, these issues include; pain, trauma, PTSD, abandonment, toxic relationships, anxiety and depression. Non 12-step therapies and modalities are the most effective options in the industry for overcoming these core issues.

The Benefits of Non 12-Step

  • Highest Success Rates: Non 12-Step rehabs have higher success rates than traditional 12 step based programs. Statistically, traditional 12 step programs only have a 5-10% success rate, the lowest among the different types of addiction treatment programs.
  • Evidence-Based Psychology:Non 12-step programs are based on a broad range of evidence-based psychological approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Mind Body Bridging and Motivational Interviewing. The best non 12-Step addiction treatment programs are counseling-based, and they use therapeutic techniques to address the underlying issues like trauma, PTSD, abandonment, toxic relationships, anxiety and depression that are the underlying causes of addiction.
  • Dual Diagnosis:Dual-Diagnosis means that a person has a co-occurring mental illness and addiction that requires treatment. Non 12-Step programs are better because they use evidence based therapies to address the root causes of addiction.
  • More Individual Counseling:Clients receive three hours of individual counseling each week. This one on one therapy is what allows us to customized individual care to meet each client’s changing needs.
  • Diversity of approaches: We offer a wide range of different therapies to treat addiction, such as psychotherapy, experiential therapy, equine therapy, massage therapy, breathworks, bio-sound lounge, and fit2recover. Offering this wide range of therapy gives clients the best options for success.

Limited Enrollment

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Timeline of Treatment

Step 1


At this stage, treatment usually consists of mostly medical interventions; which may include medications, making sure your body is nourished and hydrated, monitoring withdrawal and health symptoms, and making sure you detox safely.

Step 2

Residential Level of Care

In residential treatment, you are newly out of detox, and your mind is starting to clear. We start helping you learn and practice how to live sober and teach you the necessary skills.

Step 3

Day Treatment Level of Care

At the Day Treatment level of care, you have learned enough in residential treatment to start taking on more responsibilities and be pushed outside of your comfort zone more.

Step 4

Intensive Outpatient Care

The Intensive Outpatient level of care is where you are likely working a job, you have got over the shock of being out of residential treatment, have settled into a healthy routine, and now you are working on the nitty-gritty things.

Step 5

Sober Living

Sober living is a safe and supportive place for you to move into after you’re done with residential treatment. In sober living you have more freedom with some strategic accountability to help you safely transition back to everyday life.

Step 6

General Outpatient Care

This is the lowest level of care where you only come to one group, once per week. You have progressed and shown that you can maintain sobriety, use your skills you learned to handle everyday situations and conflicts.

Step 7

We Are Here to Help

Our team is here to support and help you as you find this new path. Talk to one of our representatives to learn if Cold Creek is be best route for you.

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