Limited Enrollment

Limited Enrollment Addiction Treatment

Cold Creek’s Limited Enrollment program is unique in the drug rehab and addiction treatment industry. If you Google search “Limited Enrollment Rehab” or “Limited Enrollment Addiction Treatment” we are one of the only programs in the nation that offers this type of individualized care. There are search results describing the concept of “limited enrollment”, but very few actually offer this type of program. One program indicates that their 50 bed facility is limited enrollment program; however, only facilities serving ten clients or less can offer the benefits of limited enrollment.

We’re raising the bar for treatment. Columbia University conducted an extensive study to determine why so many people relapsed after attending drug rehab. Their conclusion was that there is not enough industry regulation, the majority of programs were overcrowded and too many relied on under-qualified or poorly trained staff members to administer programs that are based on outdated treatment models.

In contrast, Cold Creek’s dual diagnosis, Non 12-step, inpatient programs serve a maximum of ten clients or less and is based on evidence based therapies recognized by the national institute on drug abuse.

Each week clients participate in the following therapy:

  • Individual Counseling sessions – 2 one-hour session per week
  • Family Counseling sessions – 1 one-hour session per week
  • Group therapy sessions – 1.5 hours per day
  • Community Service – 2 hours per week
  • Psychotherapy life skills classes – 9 hours per week (topics include: relapse prevention, establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, anger management, financial management, enhancing self-esteem, understanding co-occurring disorders, and understanding thinking errors)
  • Equine Therapy – 3 hours per week
  • Experiential Therapy – 5 hours per week.
  • Exercise, Fit2Recover fitness training – 5 days per week
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Weekly random drug testing

All of the individual and group therapy sessions are administered by master’s level therapists. Depending on their need clients visit with a medical doctor or Advance Practice Registered Nurse every week.

This is essential because overcoming past trauma, abuse, neglect or instability during childhood requires one on one sessions with a qualified and trained therapist. Overcoming thinking errors or cognitive distortions that are the underlying cause of much anxiety, interpersonal stress, and ultimately relapse is best handled by a seasoned cognitive behavioral therapist. This in-depth individualized therapy is most effective when provided in a limited enrollment environment.

Limited Enrollment Addiction Treatment Group

Even our clients understand the importance of limited enrollment. Consider these two Google reviews from former clients that demonstrate the impact of limited enrollment.

“I had been to numerous treatment centers in the past and those didn’t work for me. I found that the limited clients made it so I had to do work and couldn’t just sit back.”

“I can’t express how grateful I am to have gone through the Cold Creek program. The caring clinical staff helped me not only to understand my addiction but more importantly what was driving my addiction”

We talk with individuals regularly who tell us that they were able to just sit back and “coast” through their previous rehab because they were one of 40 to 60 clients. In these large programs the clients with challenging mental health issues and behavioral outbursts receive all the attention. The average client can easily coast through a 30-day program, receive little therapy and do minimal work. A program with 40 clients would need to have 12 therapists just to see everyone two times per week. If you look at the staff pages for larger programs, there are usually only 5 – 6 therapists. Cold Creek has 3 masters level therapists at each location to assist our nine to ten clients.

Think about your own difficult experiences. Could you solve them by just participating in large group meetings? There is no substitute for working one on one with a qualified therapist who can accurately identify and work through the challenging issues that significantly contributes to addiction issues.

Let’s end with a Google review from another client highlighting the effectiveness of limited enrollment program:

“This program is amazing! They have so much experience and the treatment is really specialized to your needs. There is a genuine sense of “We Care” when you’re living there. Life changing is all I can say…. I love Cold Creek.”

If you read the majority of our client Google reviews for the Cold Creek Lodge or Cold Creek Wellness Center a central theme is a sense of appreciation for the therapy and sincere staff who helped them make substantial changes as they work to overcome addiction.

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