Family Therapy Treatment Program in Utah


Successful healing and sobriety requires more than just treatment and addiction education for the recovering individual. Family and friends play a key role in the healing and recovery of their loved one. To educate, empower and prepare loved ones, Cold Creek Wellness Center offers a unique six-week Family Treatment Program consisting of two-hour addiction education classes twice a week and a one-hour private family counseling session once per week.

Why Choose Family Therapy for Addiction?

The Family Program focuses on education, training, resources, and support to those who want to be best prepared to help their loved one to be successful in their recovery and the transition back into home life and society. To further help the healing process.

The family unit is a system, which means each part of the system is related to all other parts. When one part is sick, all other parts are affected. Likewise, when one part is in recovery, the other parts of the system will change in relation. That change can be positive or negative. At Cold Creek, we help teach the entire family unit how to be part of the positive changes brought about by recovery.

Family addiction treatment teaches loved ones how to prepare for their new roles in the life of the addict when he or she finishes treatment. The Cold Creek Family Program delivers education, training, resources and support to those who want to be able to adequately help their loved ones in their recovery and during the transition back into home life and society.

Family therapy for addiction can also help loved ones work through hurt, angry or confused feelings resulting from their loved one’s disease. Understanding that addiction is an illness, not a choice, often helps family and friends come to term with hurtful actions and learn how to create a new, happier chapter with their loved one.

The Family Program will positively impact your family’s thoughts, actions and lives and greatly benefit the healing and recovery of your loved one as well.

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