Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment in Utah through Cold Creek Behavioral Health consists of a comprehensive range of programs.

Addiction is a complex disease characterized by severe and often uncontrollable drug seeking and drug use that persists despite severe physiological, social, economic and legal consequences.

Even though the initial act of taking drugs or alcohol is a conscious choice, after repeated use, brain function is altered and addiction takes over. Drugs and alcohol significantly affect the neural pathways that control motivation, reward, memory, learning and impulse control.

Addiction treatment is a difficult and complex process because it affects so many aspects of a person’s life. Most people who are addicted cannot stop taking drugs for a few days or a week and then begin living an addiction free life. Overcoming addiction frequently requires inpatient and outpatient treatment, involving long-term care to achieve sustained recovery.

One of the reasons Cold Creek Behavioral Health’s treatment programs are so effective is we offer a comprehensive range of the most successful evidence based treatments. This begins with our individualized residential treatment program, and includes dual diagnosis treatment, an integrated family program, sober living, individual and group counseling, equine assisted psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and Non-12 step counseling. Each of these therapies is directed to a particular aspect of the disease and its consequences.

The final and crucial component of our addiction treatment in Utah is the included 90-Day Intensive Outpatient Program, sober living and after care program. These programs are designed to support our clients when they are most vulnerable in their recovery, as they transition from the structured and protective inpatient program, to the less structured outpatient program.

Throughout treatment our clients work with the same counselors and staff. This continuity of care and a staff ratio of twelve clients to four therapists and counselors eliminates the possibility of sliding though treatment without addressing core issues, or having a problem arise that goes unnoticed.

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