What You Need to Know About Dating a Recovering Addict

Being in a relationship with a recovering addict involves many considerations. While some people easily accept the notion that their partners were once quite different than they are today, others find it harder to reconcile the two.

Here are a few tips on Dating a Recovering Addict

Support Is Crucial

Dating a recovering addict may involve unique challenges such as scheduling dinner plans around addiction support group meetings. Supporting your partner means understanding and encouraging the former addict’s efforts to be sober or drug-free. For example, you should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages around a recovering alcoholic, so he or she won’t be tempted to imbibe. The support of loved ones can significantly reduce the risks of relapse.

Accept and Move Forward

Former addicts often have a lot of baggage. Dating a recovering addict can entail dating a person who has debt, broken family ties, legal difficulties, and more. If the relationship is long term, these problems will have to be discussed at some point. The past cannot be changed, so it’s best to accept what happened and move forward together in healthy ways.

Hold Your Partner Accountable

It can be tempting for a former addict to use the recovery process as a reason to act inappropriately. Don’t allow him or her to do so because it diminishes responsibility for mistakes made. From time to time, a partner may slip back into old habits, such as telling lies, especially during stressful situations. Learn to recognize the signs and how to respond to warnings of a potential relapse.

Practice Self-Care

Meeting the demands of being in a relationship with a recovering addict can be tiring, so be sure to take care of yourself. Many people in recovery go to regular support meetings and spend a lot of time trying to better themselves. To avoid taking on a caregiver role and creating codependency issues, seek counseling for yourself.

Dating a recovering addict can be challenging, but everyone has problems, habits, and behaviors that need to be overcome. It’s important to ensure that both people in the relationship get their needs met in healthy ways and reach out to counselors or support groups when additional help is necessary. Recovering addicts have been through many life experiences and can be an amazing partner and friend. Don’t give up.