What Happens in Treatment?

Treatment for drugs and alcohol may not be exactly like how you or your loved ones perceive it based on television or movies. There are no locks on doors in a Utah residential treatment center in the mountains. An addict must be willing to accept treatment for it to work, so he’s there voluntarily. Utah addiction treatment programs include day treatment and outpatient services.

Creating a Treatment Plan

The addiction rehabilitation process differs depending on the type of addiction, the treatment plan, and personal characteristics of the individual. Some steps are often common, however, beginning with intake to a treatment center such as a lodge in the mountains, detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery maintenance.

The individual seeking treatment determines whether the rehab center is a good fit for his or her needs during intake. Different Utah addiction treatment facilities suit different people, and the better the fit, the more likely the individual will stay on a clean and sober track. The staff typically conducts diagnostic tests during intake to learn more about the individual and form a custom treatment plan.

What happens in treatment varies from person to person as well, based on factors including the type and extent of the individual’s addiction, his medical history, and his family history. Treatment plans can address coexisting mental health conditions such as depression, and infectious diseases such as hepatitis.

Therapy as a Tool to Overcome Addiction

Treatment often utilizes therapy for long-term changes in the addict’s behavior, as well as the continuous support of rehab facility staff, family, friends and support organizations in the community. Cognitive behavioral therapy is common, but leading Utah addiction treatment centers offer a range of other therapies. Treatment can involve a combination of individual, family and group therapies.

No Two Treatment Programs Are Identical

The length of a stay at a rehab lodge in the mountains or another Utah addiction treatment center varies between addicts. The individual must be willing to commit the time it takes to learn how to live a clean, sober lifestyle.

A good rehabilitation center will monitor the patient for all possible signs of relapse throughout the treatment process. As the patient’s needs change and new situations arise, what happens in treatment must alter to accommodate these new elements.