How Can Family & Friends Make a Difference in the Life of Someone Needing Treatment?

Family Addiction TreatmentWhen it comes to treating drug and alcohol addiction, one of the greatest assets an individual has is friends and family. These are the people to motivate and encourage someone to get into treatment and provide the incentive for change.

But just being there is not enough. To help a person facing addiction, family and friends need to learn how to offer the right support to get their loved one the help he or she needs and stop enabling negative, self-defeating behaviors.

Stop the Negative Enabling

When people are constantly exposed to addiction, it impacts how they think and function, even if they’re not the person using drugs or alcohol. You do what’s necessary to get through the day and protect those you care about. Instead of causing fights, you let things slide. Instead of asking questions, you start to ignore things and close a blind eye. Often, friends and family of addicts continue to provide for the addict, giving shelter, food, and money, even though no strides towards recovery are being made.

Although enabling is understandable — you’re trying to protect your loved one after all — it’s not healthy for you or the addict. Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol rarely have the motivation to change on their own. So it’s the job of family and friends to provide the incentive for them. Stop giving the addict what he needs. You don’t want to see him sleeping on the streets — but you don’t want to see him in orange, or worse, in a coffin.

Partake in Family Addiction Treatment Therapy

One of the best ways family and friends can make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment is to partake in family therapy. Addiction is not a solitary disease, and those who are impacted by addiction need to heal just as the addict needs to heal. Family therapy offers a safe place for both needs to be met. Past transgressions are able to be discussed in a safe environment, and the family can move past them together. Feelings of guilt and distrust can be brought to the forefront and discussion regarding triggers and warning signs can also occur. These are all necessary steps to recovery, and by taking part in the therapeutic process, the family can begin to heal.

When you love someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be hard to give them the support he or she needs, but it is possible. By learning how to stop negative enabling and partaking in family therapy, family and friends can make a difference in the life of someone needing addiction treatment.

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