Cold Creek ReviewScott C

3 months ago

Cold creek was my 7th inpatient treatment center. I came in broken and hopeless. I told my mom I would just give it a shot and not to get her hopes up. After the first 2 weeks I started to have the change necessary to begin my recovery. I had a great counselor Newel. Together we were able to work through a lot and break the ice for a lot more recovery down the road. I actually completed the 45 day program!! But then there was the real test. Unfortunately as i kept in contact with my rehab brothers I saw some fall. But for me it worked wonders. On November 13th of this year 2015 I celebrate my first year ever without a drug including alcohol since I was 14 years old. I was an IV meth and heroin user. If I can do it anyone can. Love Scotty


Cold Creek ReviewJoanna A

6 months ago

This place is amazing, worth every single penny. I learned to love myself here. I learned I had value and worth, just being me. They gave me the tools and beginning skills to put myself and my family back together again.


Cold Creek ReviewRobert P

5 months ago

Between the exceptional staff and their invaluable experiences, the “at-home” vibe of their first class facilities, the dedication to teaching their clients how to build a foundation in Recovery, Cold Creek not only gave me help when I needed it most, they gave me the support and boundaries I needed to succeed in creating a fulfilling life for myself. I am proud to be Cold Creek Alumni. My clean date is July 23rd, 2014. I’ve been celebrating every day since.


Cold Creek ReviewRhiannon M

7 months ago

I love everything about Cold Creek. The clinicians and support staff really care and they know what they are talking about because some of them lived through addiction themselves. They helped me through some of the darkest times I’ve had in my life. I was a struggling addict before I came here and now I’m recovering happily in their sober living facility. I am so grateful to everyone at Cold Creek! I can’t say thank you enough!


Cold Creek ReviewJulie W

6 months ago

I can’t express how grateful I am to have gone through the Cold Creek program. The caring clinical staff helped me not only to understand my addiction but more importantly what was driving my addiction. The knowledge and tools I gained while in treatment, I still use on a daily basis to become a better person and to keep my recovery strong. I’m proud to say that not only was I a client but I am now part of this amazing team of people who want to help others overcome their addictions.


Cold Creek ReviewJerica G

6 months ago

I was a client of Cold Creek for about 10 months. I had the privilege to be treated in both there Kaysville, Brighton, and sober living locations. Cold Creek staff were able to guide me with knowledge and experience teaching me how to live not only a life without addiction, but to a happy healthy lifestyle. I see the world completely different now and the staff there has become a second family that I can always rely on.


Cold Creek ReviewCrystal Bright Pool Service

10 months ago

Cold Creek Wellness Center is a wonderful drug rehab center in Utah. They offer some Equine therapy programs that really work. For sure recommended.


Cold Creek ReviewCasey P

2 years ago

I feel the staff here has shown me that they are willing to do whatever they can to help everyone involved with the horrible disease that is addiction. Their staff was willing to go above and beyond to help the loved ones of addiction to better understand the dynamics of addiction and to help the loved ones to cope better with their addicted loved ones once the addict has completed the treatment.


Cold Creek ReviewHailey B

5 years ago

They have a great cognitive behavioral therapy that really helps to break down all of your serious problems and makes them much more manageable. They really do offer a great program.


Cold Creek ReviewPeter C

5 years ago

This rehab center is amazing. They really do change lives and help to get you back on the path that leads to a better life. They really do make a difference. They have a great equine therapy program that works. I really can’t say enough good things about this rehab center. They are top notch.


Cold Creek ReviewSamandra R

4 years ago

This program is amazing! They have so much experience and the treatment is really specialized to your needs. There is a genuine sense of “We Care” when you’re living there. Life changing is all I can say…. I love Cold Creek.


Cold Creek ReviewKyla W

4 years ago

Great program that gets the individual and his or her family involved.