Female Sober Living

Female Sober Living Apartments – Kaysville, Utah

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Sober Living For Women

Female only Sober Living provides the structure and boundaries necessary to help those in early recovery avoid relapse during the most vulnerable stages of sobriety. Cold Creek’s sober living apartments maintain a good balance of structure and support while still providing the right amount of freedom and independence. Another benefit, along with the stability of a sober living environment, is enjoying becoming part of a close knit community of sober minded friends.

Cold Creek offers separate male and female sober living apartments. We offer separate Men’s and Women’s sober living apartments in Holladay, UT and Kaysville, UT.

Sober Living & Outpatient – A perfect Match

Sober living is just one part of a comprehensive addiction treatment process. Clients start living in our Sober Living homes in one of two ways. 1. After completing a 30 to 90 days of Inpatient Residential Treatment clients transition into our Day Treatment program. If they don’t have safe and supportive living arrangements then they also live in our Sober Living Apartments. me while receiving therapy and intensive addiction treatment clients transition  most clients transition into our Day Treatment Program. When clients first start sober living they are simultaneously attending either our Day Treatment Program – PHP program or Intensive Outpatient – IOP program.  Day treatment typically lasts for two to four weeks, but could last longer depending on the their progress. After day treatment clients transition into the intensive outpatient program. The intensive outpatient program typically lasts ninety days, but could last longer depending on the their progress.


To qualify for female sober living, clients must be actively attending one of Cold Creek’s Day Treatment – PHP or Intensive Outpatient – IOP programs. Once a client graduates from the outpatient program they are eligible to continue living in the sober living apartments at a reduced cost for up to one year.

In sober living clients are required to actively work on their recovery as well as setting and achieving career, educational and other life goals. There are many locations in the Salt Lake City area where clients can attend AA, NA and other recovery meetings. We are conveniently located within walking distance of the Davis Applied Technology College and close to public transportation that can take you to Weber State University, the University of Utah and other educational opportunities. There are also vocational rehabilitation and employment service offices in the area. Clients are expected to be actively creating a clean and sober life not just “hanging out”. Clients receive weekly case management support to help meet these objectives.

Better Treatment

Cold Creek’s sober living apartments are superior because we protect our clients hard earned sobriety. We do not allow new clients into the program who are not actively participating in the outpatient program or unable to maintain their sobriety. There is a sober living manager and staff available 24/7. Clients who relapse are not allowed into sober living until they meet with a therapist who will assess the severity of the relapse and determine if the client can continue in the program or will need to transition into a higher level of care. The severity of the relapse and attitude of the client is a substantial determining factor. If a client relapses, shows remorse and immediately notifies their counselor or sober living manager, they can often continue in the program. If a client relapses and disappears for days or a week and does not reach out to their support network for help, they will likely be required to transition back into a higher level of care.

Each apartment has alarms on the windows and doors. All of the apartments have security cameras inside the hallways, common areas and outside of the building. Sober living clients are randomly drug tested a minimum of three times per week. Only Three clients share a two bedroom apartment. This is the type of evidence based treatment is acknowledge by Columbia University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Evidence based treatment offers clients who are committed to change the opportunity to begin a life free of addiction. This client review from Google reflects the feelings of many of our alumni:

“I cannot express my gratitude for the gift this program has given me. They have returned me to sobriety, but more than that they have given me my life back. The sparkle in my eye, my love for my fellow man, my very soul has been returned to me by this life changing program. From the top rate owners hospitality and genuine concern to the equine therapy, healing and recovery are the priority of every single staff member.” Jamie M.

Amenities & Services

Each 845 square foot apartment is a fully furnished and includes two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, living room and washer and dryer. One larger room is shared and the other is private. The resident with the most seniority and a history of compliance is eligible for the single bedroom. Every client has their own twin bed, dresser, closet and medication safe. No more than three clients live in any one apartment, there are no bunk beds and the apartments were recently remodeled in 2017.

Our dedicated staff make several visits to the apartments each day. In addition, staff is available during office hours nightly from 9:00pm – 11:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 9:00pm-12:00am Friday and Saturday.

Male and female sober living apartments include the following amenities and services:

1. Fully furnished apartments including a washer & dryer in each unit

2. Flat Screen TV

3. Cable Television

4. High Speed Wireless Internet

5. Monthly Unlimited use Bus Pass

6. Gym Membership

7. Access to our Salt Lake Medical Clinic for Prescription management, refills and medical treatment

8. Weekly Case Management

9. Weekly aftercare recovery support meetings

10. Personal safe for medications and valuables.

11. Utilities are included at no extra cost

Insurance & Program Costs

Insurance does not directly cover the cost of sober living; however when insurance is paying for either Day Treatment or Intensive Outpatient we can usually provide sober living for no extra cost. Clients must provide their own food, clothing, toiletries and medications. The cash pay rate for sober living is listed below:

Sober Living Cost – During Outpatient
$1000 per month

Sober Livng Cost – After Outpatient
$500 per month


Calling to speak with an intake coordinator is the first step to determining if sober living combined with outpatient treatment is the appropriate level of care for your situation. The intake   When you call to speak with an intake coordinator they will collect your insurance information so we can perform a benefit check. This will allow us to determine if sober living can be included eatment.The first step is to call and speak with one of our admissions coordinators who will help you determine which level of outpatient the treatment is .

Call now 24/7 for a free evaluation 1-877-593-6777