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A little about what we do and why we do it.

Addiction treatment in Utah through Cold Creek Behavioral Health consists of a comprehensive range of programs. Addiction is a complex disease characterized by severe and often uncontrollable drug seeking and drug use that persists despite severe physiological, social, economic and legal consequences. Even though the initial act of taking drugs or alcohol is a conscious choice, after repeated use, brain function is altered and addiction takes over.

Addiction treatment is a difficult and complex process because it affects so many aspects of a person’s life. Most people who are addicted cannot stop taking drugs for a few days or a week and then begin living an addiction free life. Overcoming addiction frequently requires inpatient and outpatient treatment, involving long-term care to achieve sustained recovery.

Cold Creek Advantages

Cold Creek Behavioral Health has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards.

Non-12 Step Alternatives

A non-12 step, evidence based treatment rehab that is not based on AA/NA to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

Limited Enrollment

We keep our enrollment down to provide our clients with more one-on-on time and a higher level of care.

Individualized Treatment

No single treatment is appropriate for everyone. We use proven therapies and limited enrollment program.

Dual Diagnosis

Most individuals with dual diagnosis, use drugs or alcohol to manage undesirable moods and painful feelings.

Comprehensive therapies recognized by Columbia University

Utah Addiction Treatment Programs

Cold Creek offers the most successful therapies recognized by Columbia University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Sober Living

Sober living apartments combine independent living and freedom with strategic accountability and case management to help you safely transition back into everyday life during a time when you are most vulnerable to relapse.

Outpatient Programs

Cold Creek’s progress-based, comprehensive outpatient programs include options for sober living, day treatment, Intensive Outpatient and aftercare.

Day Treatment

Day treatment is the first phase of your outpatient treatment program where you either begin outpatient treatment or continue your recovery plan from residential.

Residential Treatment

In residential treatment, you will receive industry leading individual counseling, medical treatment, medication management and participate in group therapy and psychotherapy classes while enjoying a wide range of experiential therapy activities.

Cold Creek Accepts All Major Insurance

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At Cold Creek Behavioral, we emphasize the highest standards of care delivered by a team with decades of experience in addiction recovery – making us one of the top Utah addiction treatment centers.At each of our locations, we create therapeutic relationships with our clients based on confidentiality, respect and cooperation.

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