Utah Substance Abuse Statistics

23 May Utah Substance Abuse Statistics

When evaluating the drug problem in Utah, the numbers weave a story. Statistics may seem a dry subject to some, but when you consider what they represent, it can really change a person’s perspective.

Drug arrests in Utah, for example, dropped from 332 in 2001 to 212 in 2002. That may have seemed an excellent drop, but the numbers have been going up and down since then. The latest available statistic revealed 184 drug-related arrests in 2007, an additional decline.

What do the numbers mean? Some statistics leave more questions than answers. When the drug arrests go down, does it mean that the police force has been focusing on other crimes, or that overall funding for the police force has gone down? Does it mean that fewer individuals are reporting suspected drug use and drug dealing?

These are important questions that only further research could answer. With Meth lab seizures, perhaps a more alarming situation than individual drug arrests, the numbers have also come down considerably.

There were 164 meth lab seizures in 2001. In 2005, there were only 50. And the numbers have continued to drop since. While this does indicate a large decrease, the most important question may be, “Why?”

Does this decrease in meth lab seizures indicate a decrease in existing meth labs, or does it mean that those who run the meth labs are becoming more adept at avoiding detection? Could it mean that less funding and resources made it into the discovery and shutting down of meth labs?

State officials attribute the decline to strict legislation on precursor drugs (including regulating the purchase of pseudoephedrine products), community education, and aggressive law enforcement efforts.

The problem is, however, that with these genuinely helpful improvements in the war against methamphetamines, there has also been an increase in the availability of methamphetamines from producers in Mexico. Statistics are a helpful measure of the facts, but they do not always tell the whole story.

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