The Specifics of Oxy

11 Feb The Specifics of Oxy

Oxycodone is a drug that was developed as an improved version of morphine diacetylmorphine (also known as heroin). It was first developed in the year 1916 in Germany and is most recently known in the form OxyContin, which is the brand name given by Purdue Pharm for their time released oral pharmaceutical oxycodone.

Freund and Speyer first created the drug in Germany at the University of Frankfurt. Bayer later purchased the drug and hoped to use it to completely replace heroin. Heroin had been removed from their products due to the dangers and addictive elements of its use.

Bayer found that oxycodone did not have a similar effect as heroin or morphine and a similar dosage was not as long acting. They began their first clinical research and use in 1917. The drug was introduced into the United States in 1939.

In 1998 the popularity of oxycodone in the United States became apparent. The International Narcotics Control Board issued a study that showed that the United had overall the highest percentage of oxycodone usage ahead of Canada and Australia.

The abuse of the drug began in the mid 1990’s as the drug began to be sold by citizens for non-medical usage. In addition to abuse by those who were not prescribed the drug, many abusers of the drug became addicted through their prescribed dosage.

The company Purdue Pharm created OxyContin in a time released formula to prevent addiction and misuse of the pharmaceutical. Drug abusers were able to grind the pills into a powder form to bypass the time-released formula. In 2010, Pharma added extra binders to make this practice more difficult.

Effects of the use of oxycodone include loss of memory, nauseousness, headache, dry mouth, anxiety and euphoria. Other symptoms that have been linked to the used of oxycodone include diarrhea, hiccups, ischuria, abdominal pain, complete loss of appetite and severe nervousness.

If used in a high dosage oxycodone can be fatal. It can also cause bradycardia, apnea, the constriction of the pupils which causes vision problems and the collapse of the circulatory system.

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