Program Overview

Drug Rehab Center In Utah

Drug Rehab Center In Utah

The purpose of the “Program Overview” page is to introduce each step of a comprehensive rehab process from start to finish at our alcohol and drug rehab center in Utah. Also, read about our successful Residential Treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs to discover what makes Cold Creek the best choice for individuals and families seeking recovery and healing.

In every industry there are leaders that provide superior service and offer substantial value to their customers.  As you explore our website you will learn what makes Cold Creek this type of program.

We provide comprehensive substance abuse and mental health treatment programs for adults eighteen and older with all types of substance abuse addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our individualized treatment programs include 45-days of comprehensive Residential Treatment, a six-week  Family Program with private family counseling, 90-day Intensive Outpatient program, Sober Living and a lifetime Aftercare program.

All of the services below are included in the price of the program. Cold Creek provides some of the lowest staff to client ratios in the industry. This means each client received the individual time and attention required for a successful recovery.

  1. Intervention services (travel and expenses extra)
  2. Medical detoxification (assessment and scheduling included, if done at a hospital then payment to the hospital is patient’s responsibility)
  3. Management of detoxification tapers
  4. Medical intake evaluation and weekly appointments with the medical staff
  5. Dual Diagnosis assessment
  6. Individualized treatment plan
  7. 45-Day Residential Treatment
  8. Sober Living
  9. Six-Week Family Program, including private family counseling
  10. Nutritionist approved and Private Chef prepared healthy meals
  11. After care plan
  12. 90-Day Intensive Outpatient Program, including drug and alcohol testing
  13. Lifetime aftercare and continuing care program
  14. Insurance billing services


Now that you have an overview of our drug rehab center in Utah we invite you to learn more from the other pages of our website. Contact us and talk with a counselor, who will answer any additional questions, guide you through the process and provide a free and confidential treatment assessment. We also recommend touring the center to help you experience what you’ve seen and read here.

Take the first step to recovering the life you were meant to live. Start on the path to recovery today by calling 1-877-593-6777, chatting with or emailing us.

Cold Creek is proud to be a Joint Commission Accredited Facility.