Residential Treatment

Inpatient & Residential Rehabilitation Treatment in Utah

We hope to provide the resources you need to consider inpatient drug rehabilitation. In order to further your understanding, we will offer a discussion on the advantages of Cold Creek Wellness Center’s Utah Residential Treatment Program.

Inpatient drug rehabilitation programs that provide comprehensive treatment and a continuity of care have the highest success rate of any other type of drug rehabilitation center. When you are choosing an inpatient addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation center, there are important factors to consider. Utah, home to beautiful mountains, red rocks, and the best skiing on earth, is also well-known for its comprehensive and patient-centered rehabilitation centers.

Cold Creek, located in beautiful Kaysville, Utah, offers comprehensive addiction help models and therapies that utilize the six objectives of the most successful residential treatment programs. We also adhere to five phases of treatment, specifically developed using in-depth studies and research. Cold Creek constantly strives to find the best methods to ensure that your recovery is not only obtainable, but sustainable after you check out. Read more below, and understand why you should consider Cold Creek for your drug rehabilitation clinic.

To understand Cold Creek Wellness Center’s residential treatment program, you must first understand what our program is not.

Why Choose Cold Creek?

Cold Creek is not an exotic “resort” or “destination” type program. Our facility is not situated on the beach, or another vacation-type setting. In our experience, luxury location increases the price of treatment, but not necessarily the quality. Does this mean Cold Creek is an impersonal institutional-type facility? On the contrary. Even the most discerning individual will feel at home in our beautiful and spacious home. Cold creek is not your average Utah drug rehabilitation clinic.We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services, and better your recovery process.

Addiction treatment is about eliminating all dependencies, resolving complex co-occurring mental health issues, education, healing family relationships, and creating an aftercare plan to optimize post-treatment success. Locating Cold Creek in close proximity to a wide variety of providers and services has allowed us to create one of the nation’s best treatment programs.

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